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Working to establish a protocol

for the treatment and derotation

of foundered horses.

A long Time in the Makeing

Dr. Lyle is both veterinarian and farrier as well as my mentor in equine podiatry. This field of horse shoeing, which combines both veterinary and farrier professions has been a long time in the makeing. As we all learn more about the internal structure and how we can influence the bio-mechanics of the diget, the veterinarian farrier team approach to correction is proving to be the key to success with many horses that were considered untreatable.
please see this article about the MatScan on please also watch the video. - Ron

foundered hoof xray

hoof radiogrphy  
shoeing with horse in a body sling
that feels much better
Aubrey Equine Clinic: Dr. Bruce Lyle
  more case studies  

The Team Approach to corrective or therapeutic shoeing, combined with the latest in diagnostic equipment, takes the trial and error approach out of the industry and allows the vet and farrier team to design and apply equine orthotics that put injured or diseased horses in a correct healing environment.

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